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The ground floor of the Corporate office has been designed for the company’s visitors. A formal reception and seating awaits them, with a bright colour palette and plenty of natural light. A large green wall flooded with natural light is the highlight of this space. The mustard coloured self levelling floor adds uniqueness, warms up with the green wall, while complementing the bright colours of seating. Reception table is a large white corian counter cantilevered off a veneered panel, which mirrors as a light above. The charcoal grey panelled backdrop accentuates the simplicity of the Reception counter. The varied materials and elements of this zone, work in harmony with each other, to create a warm and welcoming environment for its visitors.


Work Zone: The first and Second floors are dedicated as work space. A pleasant colour scheme and a balanced blend of wood, glass, acoustic panels and concrete sum up the materials on these zones. The layout is encouraged to be completely transparent with floor to ceiling glass panels.

A special breakout area has been designed on each of these floors with informal seating and funky lighting, to lighten up the mood while on a coffee break. The large white board also ensures that space can also be used for spontaneous collaboration.


Management zone: A large wall, cladded with bamboo sections, and a small slit in the external wall throwing in just the right amount of natural light for creating a dramatic ambience; leads the way to offices of the management. Industrial flooring has been used on the entire third floor against raw metal, wood and glass. Rich detailing, a bench that extends out from the other side of glass partitions as a planter bed, decorative lighting, seating, niches, polished and textured stone and a dash of colour - all of it has been meticulously brought together to create a space that is uniquely warm and sophisticated. While a small meeting room is designed to be a bit informal and fun to be in, the Board room is very formal, and opens into a lounge with a large glass facade, that overlooks the rocky landscapes. Each of the offices has been designed to be warm and inviting, spacious and comfortable, formal yet with a dash of fun - a space to look forward to getting to every morning. Large while board walls, pin up walls benches ensures collaboration in any room on the floor.


Material Palette: From setting Industrial flooring against glass and leather; and bright colour self levelling floor right at the entrance; to a huge wall cladded with bamboo sections, we’ve really had fun putting together some un-conventional materials. The planter bed extending out from a bench on the other side of the glass – this is another detail where we have brought together hot- rolled steel, wood, glass and concrete and softened it all up with pebbles and plants. Aluminium cladding panels as an interior element and last but not the least our favourite on the material palette – the green wall at the reception.

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