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Project Brief: A vastu-complaint home, with well ventilated and well lit spaces, few barriers and excellent connectivity between floors. Clients were very enthusiastic about working with new materials and bring together a completely varied palette of materials.


Layout and Planning: MULTI LEVEL VISUAL CONNECTION. The house is built at three levels in order to have a larger garden. The first floor houses the main master bedroom, and the second floor houses another bedroom for their only son (in his early 20s). It was important for them to be able to reach out to one another and connect across all the three floors. We planned cut outs in the floors at different levels to allow multi level connectivity. This also helped provide plenty of light and ventilation across the entire house.


Materials: We love working and bringing together a unique palette of material and it was great that the client was extremely enthusiastic about try something new. Travertine was paired with raw steel, leather with an extreme textured stone cladding, contemporary with classic, Rustic with high gloss, and old with the new. Achieving the right balance was a challenge.

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